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Proven Benefits of Creatine & Why You Should Have It In Your Diet Now!

what is creatineWhenever you walk into a vitamin store, the gym, or are even browsing online for supplements, you see advertisements for creatine, but you have several questions. What is it? Does it work? Is it right for you?  Let’s take a look at the proven benefits of creatine and why you should have it in your diet now.

What Is Creatine?

You don’t have to be a hyper-athlete to have heard of creatine. Even casual gym-goers have at least heard of it. You may have even passed it in various stores as you were shopping around for vitamins or other supplements.

However, what many don’t know is your body already naturally has creatine that is found in your muscle cells. The fancy answer for supplementing additional creatine into your body is to increase your already existing supply of phosphocreatine. This phosphocreatine helps you perform better during various exercises by increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, in your body.

creatine produces atp in body

Does Creatine Have Benefits?

When you think of creatine, you think of fit guys at the gym dunking protein shakes, and you would be right to think that. Creatine helps support muscle growth. In fact, it’s been found to be one of the best supplements for gaining muscle.

creatine benefits

However, creatine isn’t just for those looking to bulk up and get shredded. Creatine has its benefits for everyone else as well. Some may be low in phosphocreatine, and supplemental creatine also has its health benefits. Creatine has been studied to improve the heart muscle for those with issues with their heart health and even those with issues with their vision.

Doctors have started looking into creatine for certain neurological and genetic disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and ALS.

When it comes to performance, then there’s no beating supplementing additional creatine in your system to enhance your performance. Creatine is essentially additional fuel for your muscles that can push you to the limit where you’ll start gaining. This is especially important for those who may have hit a plateau in their muscle-building.

Of course, just like any other supplement, it won’t work unless you do something with it. That’s what the word supplement means: “something that enhances something else.” Don’t expect to just take creatine and sit there doing nothing. You won’t perform better if you’re not performing at all. You won’t get the muscle gaining and strength increasing benefits of creatine by taking a creatine supplement and then taking a nap.

So if you do decide to supplement your routine with creatine, you should consider having it as a part of your overall gym diet and routine. Adding creatine to your diet will show significant improvements, not only in your overall health but in your fitness and performance at the gym as well. Let’s take a look at how you should include creatine in your diet.

Should You Have Creatine In Your Diet?

You might be able to find creatine naturally in proteins such as fish and beef, but if you really want to improve your high-intensity athletic training, then you’ll want to supplement your routine with creatine. The improvement in your muscle mass, including your lean muscle mass, can improve your speed, strength, and endurance at the gym. You might ask yourself if creatine is safe, but as long as you stick to the recommended doses on your creatine products, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you’re looking to improve your overall health and performance, then it’s time to pick up creatine for yourself. You can find various products at Rally Point Nutrition that will help bring out the best in you at the gym. You can’t go wrong with Rally Point Nutrition’s All-In-One Power Mix. This great tasting pre or post-workout supplement has the essential vitamins, minerals, creatine, monohydrate, whey protein, BCAAs, and EAAs to not only push you through the gym but get you the results you want. With an all-in-one creatine supplement that’s not only delicious but affordable as well, do you really have an excuse not to try it out today?

rally point nutrition creatine

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